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June 10, 2015

The ship was cold. And the heating, what was left of it, barely managed to dent the ice beginning to frost my fingers and eye lashes. Thefog trailing out of my mouth hovered for longer than I would have liked. It was not a good sign.

Of all the places for the tracking engine to blow out, it would be out here, where there was no sign of civilisation, no sign of planets anywhere to land and take my chances with the local wildlife. No hope of rescue.

I had sent out my alarm when the engine first died and at the time thought I’d be rescued quickly.

That had been yesterday. Once the heating blew, well I knew any rescue would not arrive in time to save me. Maybe someone would find my ship and escort me to some planet where I would become an oddity in a history museum – a strange creature found lost in space. I was tempted to jot down my final thoughts in a diary – make up something totally ludicrous in the hope that I would be revered by a culture of religious fanatics or maybe I could say I was some sort of mega rich celebrity – ohhhh or that I had found a world full of treasures but the location would go to my death with me.

I was possibly going mad.

I wondered how my oxygen levels were going? Giggling at the absurd nature of my thoughts I was startled when my communication unit flared to life.

“Did you think I wouldn’t come for you?”

Damn it… of all the people to save me it had to be him? For crying out loud, I think I would prefer the oblivion of space to this. Why couldn’t some dashing, sexy, bursting with muscles hero find me? Why not some space pirate or a dead sexy security officer? I fumbled with my microphone. “Of all the empty space in the universe you happen to fall into mine? I’m all good here, you should go on your merry way and…”

“You have no power.”

Freaking genius didn’t think I knew that? “Yup, new form of mediation. It’s like a new fad-diet but without the calories.”


“Um, yup, that’s me.”

“You going to let me save you?”

Ahhhhhhh, seriously how is this my life. Option one – dying in a dead spaceship. Option two – being rescued by my ex. “Fine, hurry up its damned freezing in here.”




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  1. Love this!!! When is the next chapter going up?

  2. I like this character. Stubborn to a fault. I think she’s my twin. ha ha

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