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The Story – Chapter 144

June 10, 2015

Herman was out in front hunting. It was really the only way to describe the intent expression on his face. I wondered if he had any idea what it was that he was hunting? I certainly didn’t. Charlie and I were trailing along behind Herman (unwillingly) and wondering what would happen when Herman actually found the monster.

At the back of my mind I also wondered what was happening with the friends we’d left behind. Fred and Sarah, Maddie and Peter. My team… who were currently without me. And then of course there was the witch who had sent me – (well Herman and I) to this valley in the first place. Of course, I had no idea where here even was.

“Charlie, are you sure you don’t have any clue where we are?”

“Lookit, All I know is that the sun rises over there and sets there.” He pointed broadly in several directions. “It don’t rain, no wind, no change in weather at all. And at the tree line over there it’s like an invisible wall that arches up overhead. You can’t go nowhere. Heck it’s like a bubble is where we’re at.”

Wait… a bubble?

“Oh my god! We’re in a snow globe…. But without the snow.” I was pretty thankful of that Snow would have made this whole trip utterly awful.

“How do you know that?”

I wasn’t sure how I knew. I just did. I turned on Charlie quickly and hissed, “Where did you say the sun sets?”

He pointed. It was the opposite direction to where Herman was heading. “Okay, come on lets go.” I waved Charlie forward and we darted off toward the distant tree line. I think I had an idea about how were going to get out of here.

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  1. A snow globe, really?!? What a fantastic idea…how the heck did you come up with that? I love how your mind works, Laurie!

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