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The Return (Friday Fictioneers)

June 12, 2015



Nothing had changed. The smell, the dust, the light streaming through the open doorway. It was exactly as when he’d left all those years ago.

His chest jerked as he withheld the sneeze from ripping his lungs apart. And that wetness he could feel in his eyes was nothing more than hayfever.

His father sat at the table. He could have been stone for all the emotion he displayed.



And that was the extent of their conversation. His mother’s funeral was over quickly, the house a tiny dot in the distance as he left. He would not return.



This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt

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  1. Sadly very true, I can see it happening in many a family, especially mine. Beautifully done!

  2. Beautifully Written

  3. Very sad! I know it is true for far too many.

  4. They don’t get on then. Even at a time like this neither one could reach out. Very sad.

    • Yes precisely. Even in tragedy some people cannot look beyond their petty arguments … It’s soo sad

  5. I didn’t expect the ending.

  6. Wow! Their conversation says it all. Very well done. A really gripping story.

  7. Short and very engaging, the narration.

  8. Dale permalink

    So terribly sad. I’m always taken aback when I hear about families like this ~ so very far from my own!

  9. What a tragic scene. You show so much about these two in your 100 words.

  10. Dear Solo,

    There are many layers between the lines of this story. You set the scene and tone well. Painfully heartfelt.Well done.



  11. This is a heart wrenching story. The sad thing is that it happens in many families. You captured the moment perfectly! Great job. I have been awful about reading lately, I’ve just been taking lots of pictures. So, I haven’t made all that much progress on your prequel. I stink!! I’m sorry 😝

    • Hahaha, np, I know you are a busy busy girl! But hopefully you will enjoy it when you read it 😄 it’s a bit rough, I’ve been working on it a little since I sent it to you. Still.. I love it! Haha. And your pictures are amazing! Great work always, I love to see what you come up with next.

      • I think I’ve just been bitten by the photography bug and neglecting everything else!! well neglecting things like reading. At least I’m still finding time for work!! Lol

      • Ahhh yes priorities… Money for buying food for eating, pretty good I hear 😃

      • Eating is a good thing!! So is a roof over my head!! Lol have you heard anything more from the publisher?

      • Actually no, but I do have an editor now. Baby steps, but getting closer 🙂

      • An editor is definitely a step forward!! One day, I will be saying, “I knew her when!!!” 😃

      • I can’t wait for that! *giggles*

      • I know it is going to happen!!

      • And thank you so much for your encouraging words. I’m really having fun experimenting

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