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Promises from the past (Friday Fictioneers)

June 26, 2015



He stood outside the restaurant and wondered once again if he’d come to the wrong place. Maybe it was the wrong day. The street was empty and the café looked dark.

He pulled the tattered paper from his pocket again. The letter said 7pm. It was the right address but no one was here.

Maybe he should go in. Rubbing his hands down his trousers again wiped the nervous sweat away but the damp soaking his collar told him this was a dumb idea.

The letter said, “Wait for me.”

He would. Wait. A little longer.



Can’t believe it’s Friday again!

Word count: 96

This is a Friday Fictioneers Prompt

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  1. I hope the other party shows up. It sounds like he’s waiting for a lover or former lover. Then again, it could be a set up for a vampire attack, but I prefer my first inclination. Well done!

    • Thank you. Yes he could be waiting for anyone. I feel like her is some time travel here… 🚀👽

  2. Francesca Smith permalink

    You have got me wondering who he is waiting for. Moments like these, when one is waiting, are for some reason described by many as tense.

  3. micklively permalink

    You’ve pricked my curiosity: I want to know where it goes from here.

  4. For me, this has such a Casablanca-ish feel to it. Mysterious and intriguing.

  5. The waiting can be so hard. Time can be so agonizingly slow when you must wait. I like the time travel idea for your story. The setting couldn’t be more perfect!

    • Yes absolutely! Nervous and more importantly, fear, will they come, if they don’t then what? If they do….

  6. Who? Why? Need to know! Please tell.

  7. What a mystery. You’ve really got us itching to know more – that’s an achievement. There’s a nail-biting mood of apprehension in your story, and the time travel possibility adds yet another layer.

  8. Oh, I could feel his nervousness. So well-written!

  9. Dear Solo,

    You left me hanging. Sounds a little ominous, but anything could happen. Well done.



  10. Ugh, I hope the other person shows up. That kind of waiting is the worst!

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