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July 2, 2015

The mirror had a long horizontal crack in it. It split his face in two. Peering into his face was like one of those kids’ books you flip to create different faces, like there was two versions of himself made one. The eyes in the top half were full of emotion. The sneer of the lips in the bottom half a monster. When had he become this thing he was staring at? His chest was tight with anger. So tight he could barely breathe.

He spun to put his back to the mirror unable to look at himself anymore and tugged the mask back down over his face to hide the monster he had become.

Time to get back to the mission. He could still hear screams through the broken window telling him people needed his help.

Saving innocent lives couldn’t restore his burned soul but maybe one of the ones he saved tonight would make a difference to the world that had given up on him.




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  1. Powerful! Is there more to come with this one???

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