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Introduction of Sector Two smuggler Berni

July 2, 2015

Stiev peered around the bar he’d chosen as the meeting point for this particular woman. He’d met with the representatives of two other gangs earlier, a tall human with long black hair, a member of the Trajik gang and a woman dressed in a long black jacket with sharp eyes, from the Raln gang.

He hated this, hated going from bar to bar to ensure none of the smugglers realized the others were involved.

Hiring them was a delicate balancing act, these men and women were so quick to anger, easily took offence and had unusual personal codes like refusing to ship class four weaponry. It was like flying through a Sector border mine field blindfolded.

This bar was one of the cleanest he’d found on this windblown hell of a planet, and that wasn’t saying much. Clean was relative he supposed. He had to get back to the storage bay–Stiev should be looking for new shipping routes not wasting his time sitting here nursing his sixth shot of Telale gin and waiting for a smuggler who was over an hour late. But he was the one who’d suggested using smugglers to speed up the delivery schedule so he had to find a way to make it work.

“Never trust a man who nurses his drinks.” The woman sat down opposite him and placed her half-empty glass on the table. She stretched long, long legs out in front of her. Geez. Stiev looked up. He had to tear his gaze from the billowing green shirt unbuttoned halfway down her chest.

“Oh honey, you can look, I don’t put them on display to be ignored.” The woman grinned at him, flicking multi-hued hair over her shoulder. Stiev made the mistake of looking up into her eyes. He couldn’t tell if she was joking.

“You called this meeting, sweetheart, are you going to talk or just sit there?”

Stiev shook himself out of his daze, “I have a job and—”

“Hush, hun, not so loud,” she admonished. Her eyes sparkled as though he amused her.

He prickled at the thought. “Do you want the money or not?”

She held up a hand. Doing so lifted the edge of her shirt exposing a large weapon tucked into her belt. “Go on.”

“I have some crates I need taken to Kyth-tact.”

“What’s in ‘em?”

“None of your concern. They can’t be opened–there’s a security seal. In order to get paid, the seal must be intact upon delivery.”

“Sounds simple enough.”

“You have to make the delivery within 128 standard hours.”

“That will be tight.” She scowled at him annoyed, it would mean leaving immediately and she had intended to get her nails done first.

“Then you’ll have to leave immediately.”

“Sweetheart, I never said I was taking the job.”

He smiled at her then, flashing white teeth. “No, you didn’t.” He held out a piece of plastipaper with a unit number. “Pick up the crates here. You get a bonus for every hour you arrive early.”

The woman placed her glass down and slipped the paper into her sleeve. “Payment is made via the same way you contacted me.”

Stiev nodded. The woman got up and strolled from the bar. He watched her every step of the way. Focus Stiev. He looked down at the little green notebook and marked off a line. He had to get to the next location. Only three to go and then he could get off this rock and back to work.


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From → White Fire

  1. Once again, great characters! You make it look so easy when you create characters, but I know from experience that it isn’t easy. You just have a knack for it!

    • Thank you so much Kirsten! It is hard but I love doing it. 😝 it’s reactions like yours that make it so worthwhile.

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