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The storm (Friday Fictioneers)

July 3, 2015



It was hard to believe anyone was left alive. The storm had been violent and devastating. In the calm now that it was over it looked as if all life had been scoured clear of the land. There was no sound, no chatter, no life anywhere.

Her brother clung to her hand – he wouldn’t speak at all. She was scared too.

So when at last spoke her head twisted to him rather than where he was pointing.

“What’s that?”

She followed his gaze. “Whoa.”

Three cars, upended, buried in the sand like sentinel’s watching over the devastation.

“Let’s go see.”


This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt

Word count: 100



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  1. I’m sure it’s happened that way too, especially during some of those devastating storms.

  2. Nicely built feeling of devastation. I like the way you show the silence and how the little brother is also silent. It sounds like it was the storm to end all storms – I hope they find some shelter and company.

    • Thank you Margaret, yes I was feeling scared for these two as well! I pictured something like a super storm, a one in a hundred years sort of storm

  3. Dear Solo,

    That’s one explanation.



  4. I just hope there aren’t any drivers in them! Nice little tale.

    Visit Keith’s Ramblings!

  5. … and the eerie journey begins.

    BTW – I think you will like this challenge –

  6. Luckily they survived. The little boy not talking adds a special desperate touch to the story. Great story.

  7. A survivor’s tale. That’s a nice take. And yes, such a sight would be enough to pique interest, even after such devastation, I guess.

    My #FF This Week

  8. I love your imagination! I always know I’m in for a written treat when I stop by your blog 😃

    • I love it when you visit! 😏 I’m so glad you enjoy my writing! Hopefully it’s entertaining! How are you doing? Your action photos lately are soooo terrific

      • I’m doing pretty well. I’m still trying to figure out what to do on my blog, but it seems to be morphing along okay 🙂 I’m also planning a photography to Australia in June of next year. I’m going to meet up with my Photography Teacher and some other photography bloggers 🙂

      • Woo hoo! We’ll have to catch up if your anywhere near me at the time 😜

  9. That would be quite a site to see after a storm. Clever that your backdrop for the story is a storm. It totally makes sense. Mother nature is incredibly strong.

    • Thank you Amy! Storms are amazing and terrifying! I love/hate to see the aftermath of powerful storms soooo scary

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