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Summer Holiday (Friday Fictioneers)

July 17, 2015



It was hot, unbelievably hot, and she was from Queensland, Australia so she knew hot.

The shade cast by the ancient buildings towering over her barely provided enough shade to seek respite but the air still burnt into her lungs, drying the sweat from her face before it had a chance to form.

“Come on, the next museum is up ahead.”

Oh god, not another one. She just wanted an air-conditioned bar or a restaurant seat to fall into and order a bowl of gelato.

They were here to learn. With an exhausted nod, she urged her feet to move.



This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt

Word count : 100

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  1. Ugh, I hate a forced museum march. I will rebel and find a glass of wine every time!

  2. Oh I know just how that feels. Nicely done.

  3. Dear Solo,

    A couple of years ago a friend and I went to a large antique mall in our downtown. Old buildings with no air conditioning and one of the hottest days of the year. Your story brought it all back. Nice one.



    • Oh I’m glad it brought back lovely memories for you, for me it was a holiday to Italy with my flat mate who I haven’t seen in ages! 😃 fantastic prompt!

  4. The heck with the museum … on to the gelato…. but why stop at a bowl.

  5. This is such a true story ! Usually we have very little time to travel and end up rushing from one place to next to cover all the possible sights.Nicely written.

  6. Great story, I know that situation, too. Another one is driving to an interesting place and getting stuck in a traffic jam–and no gelato in sight.

  7. Francesca Smith permalink

    Stifling heat can really ruin a good sight seeing holiday.
    Entertaining story!

  8. Dale permalink

    Ugh. I am definitely not one to follow a set plan. On to gelato!

  9. Since we are ensconced in the dead heat of summer here, I sooooo feel her pain! lol The bar or restaurant would have been shouting my name. I think I would have had to sneak off.

  10. Wish they’d take a break from the heat. The museum ain’t going anywhere!

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  11. No matter how much you want to be there, the heat can spoil the fun every time. Hopefully a glass of wine is next on the agenda.

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