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Slushy snow (Friday Fictioneers)

July 24, 2015


How could it be snowing? It never snowed here.

Australia was not known for snow, (well okay – there are some mountains and ski resorts but when you think of Australia you don’t usually think of snow first.)

Billy and Jennie were on their knees prodding at the white slushy stuff, it wasn’t quite snow but it was the whitest cold stuff they’d ever seen.

The snowman was pitiful but they were proud of it.

And the giant grins and red noses made it all worthwhile. (The handful of slush shoved down Matthew’s pants was the perfect end to the day.)


Word Count: 100

This is a Friday Fictioneers Prompt


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  1. How fun! You got to end it with snow down the pants. I admire that they put the snowman together even if the snow was slushy.

  2. Poor Australia, but this was Tasmania, not up Top End, yes. Well done, but Canadians don’t laugh at it. 🙂

  3. Dear Solo,

    Kids will always try to build a snowman no matter how much or how powdery the snow might be. I see this in our neighborhood every winter. Unusual weather well captured.



  4. Nice take on the prompt

  5. Takes me back to my childhood! Nice one.

    Visit Keith’s Ramblings!

  6. I sure can’t remember the first time I ever saw snow, but I remember the first time some of dogs and cats discovered it–hilarious! Your story reminds of those times and I’m smiling! 🙂

  7. Dale permalink

    Kids always get a kick out of snow! (And some adults..)

  8. They sure had some fun

  9. What a fun story. Kids are the same everywhere, it seems. Love the slush in the pants as the ending.

  10. Those who don’t regularly get snow will remember snow down the pants.

  11. What fun! I couldn’t help but grin as I read this. I can imagine perfectly in my mind’s eye each image. Wonderful as always!

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