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Unbroken (Friday Fictioneers)

July 31, 2015


Different colors, shapes and sizes. It was hard to find glass all the way out here, on the other side of the galaxy. It was an old settlement, but usually you’d only find glass in fragments, shattered by time or blown apart as someone else’s target practice.

This was a whole shelf.

It was almost a shame to blow them apart now. But her aim was still shaky since the last attack.

Crash landing hadn’t helped, her broken bones not entirely healed. She aimed. Breathed silently and fired.

Glass glinted back at her in the late afternoon sun. Unbroken.


This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt

word count: 99


From → Prompt

  1. One word ending…perfect! This was great. Of course, now I want to know all kinds of details. What galaxy? Why is glass always broken? Why did she have to blow up the glass? I could go on and on with the questions 🙂

  2. Dear Solo,

    Broken bones could mess up someone’s aim, I think. Interesting take on the prompt. One nitpick. I think you mean “other side of the galaxy” not “size” 😉 Nicely done.



  3. Very intriguing and atmospheric story. I want to know more about her.

  4. I love it, very gritty. I wonder why the glass didn’t break: bad aim, or something sinister…

  5. micklively permalink

    Interesting take on the prompt.

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