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Tori & Lara – part nineteen

August 24, 2015

Tori was pissed. She’d retreated to her quarters after Tom’s story and so far everyone had left her alone. Good. So Tom was only giving her the box he had because he “Didn’t mind” giving it to her? And that he wouldn’t mind if she was killed? Nice.

Lara knocked quietly a short while later. In her hands she held a scrumptious looking cheesecake. “I made it in front of them, but wouldn’t let them have any.”

Ahhh, Lara sure knew how to make Tori feel better. “Thanks,” she said and started eating.

“So, are we going after the treasure or not? We kind of need to decide.”

“Why, why do we need to decide? This is a ridiculous mission. I want to dump him out of the airlock.”

“To be fair, that would make a more dramatic statement if we were in space. Right now he’d only hit dirt several metres below. And yes, that will be funny, it would be funnier if we were on the way to somewhere else. Besides, we shouldn’t stay here. Those soldiers will be back, probably with more guns, men and madder.”

“And the boss wants us to find it?” Tori said eating the last of the cheesecake.

“And the boss wants us to find it.” Lara confirmed.

“Fine. But I want it on record that I am not happy about it.”

“Record recorded. Come on. Wanna come out of here?”

“No.” she grumbled petulantly but did stand and follow her partner out of the small room. The two men were seated in the main room staring at each other. Tori ignored Tom and made her way straight to the cockpit. She locked the door behind her.

“You are both morons.” Lara said to the two men. “If you don’t want to be dropped off in a random space lane you will figure out where were need to go to find the next piece of this puzzle. Either work together or not, I don’t care. Just don’t both the pilot anymore.”

“You can fly this ship can’t you?” Michael asked, peering up at Lara with big puppy eyes. Lara steeled herself against the look. She would not fall for that, she would not! Okay yes she would. “Yes, But Tori is flying today. SO behave!”

“So no cake?” Tom asked.

Lara just stared at him. He sighed. “I think I know how to open the boxes?” he offered. Lara stared some more. “So I will attempt to do just that shall I?”


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