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Tori & Lara – part twenty

September 4, 2015

“Well?” Lara prompted when he just stood there. Tom moved to take the boxes from Michael, He held onto them for a moment looking as if he was going to snatch them and run off to one of the back rooms squealing “Mine, mine all mine!”

With a sigh he handed them over.

Tom took both boxes to the ratty couch and sat down. He traced his fingers over the symbols and a moment later both boxes clicked. He twisted the top of one, poked and prodded the other and a moment later they fell apart exposing what was hidden inside.

Lara and Michael leaned forward anxious to see.

Two oddly shaped pieces of metal were nestled inside.

“And… that’s good right?” Lara asked.

Tom shrugged. Michael dropped to his knees and scooted forward. With reverent hands he reached for one of the objects. “Heavy. It’s heavier than I thought.” He moved it close to the other object. Both items began to vibrate. A high-pitched tone rang out growing higher and higher until Lara and Tom were forced to clasp their hands over their ears.

Tori ran out from the cockpit. “What the hell is that noise?” she cried. She took in what was happening with a glance, and grabbed onto Michael’s shoulders to pull him and the device back. As she touched him they both began to glow. The second device rose up out of the remnants of the box and zoomed toward the piece Michael held. With a snap they locked together.

“What the he…?” Lara said staring at them.

Tori and Michael were frozen in place. The device in Michael’s hands pulsed.

“What’s it doing?” Tom asked. He looked like he wanted to pull Tori away but hesitated. Should they even touch them? What if the device’s effects would encapsulate the next person to touch them? “What do we do?”

Lara glared. “How would I know?”


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