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White Fire – Something pretty

October 4, 2015

For those of you who know, I am currently undertaking the stressful and long process of querying.

But while I await responses I have something to share with you.

All my followers are amazing. But none more so than my friend Kirsten. Kirsten is so amazingly talented!! Both in photography and writing. Kirsten has also acted as my beta reader for a few years (goodness!).

Well today she sent me something that has made me giddy with happiness…. please have a look below at the artwork she has designed for my manuscript White Fire.

White Fire

Isn’t it AMAZING?

This is not an official book cover because I am still looking for an agent and a publisher! But doesn’t it look like it could be! Or a Movie Poster? 🙂 LOVE IT.


Please make sure you visit Kirsten’s site. Her photography journey is beautiful!

Go to Site

(and if you get the chance you have to read any of her stories – do, because wow!  (Kirsten… send me the link!! pretty please)



To read a little of White Fire – Click here

To read about White Fire – Click here


Laurie Bell

AKA Solo.


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  1. It’s fantastic – would definitely make you want to read the work! 🙂

    • Isn’t it great? I’m so impressed with Kirsten’s artistic ability. I wish I could draw and take photos! Haha

  2. Kev permalink

    Love it… it looks great. You have every reason to feel giddy. 😉

  3. I’m so glad that you liked the cover, Laurie! It was such fun to design. You have such a vivid imagination. I just sent you an email with a first draft of a cover for Blood Fever. In the email, I told you that you should really look into finding an Illustrator for your book covers. You have such an incredible imagination that I only think someone who can draw will do your work justice!

    • I will have a look. I just love that you were inspired! But seriously I do appreciate you creating some magic for me! 😄

      • I love creating them, but I don’t feel like the photos I can find come even close to doing your imagination justice. You describe your characters in such detail that I can see them in my mind’s eye. If they would just develop an App that would draw what is in my brain when I read your books then I’d have some really cool covers for you!

      • Awwwww you are sooooo wonderful 🙂 like beyond words 😉

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