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The New Year’s Cat. (Part 12)

October 19, 2015

So the question at this point was… Should I tell her that I have a talking cat in my bag who wanted to talk to her dead grandma?

I didn’t know what to do. I sort of stared blankly for a moment. My bag twitched against my leg. Sarah Fiker tapped my hand and still I stared blankly. At last I focused and looked at Sarah Fiker’s face. “I would still like to talk to her. What do we need to do?” I was screwed!

Within minutes Sarah Fiker, who I was now going to call Sarah in my head because she was going to contact her dead grandma for me, was seated before the crystal ball and lit a stinky candle and started burning incense. (What was the most bothersome about the candle and the incense was that they were not complementary smells.) I was feeling dizzy and headachy pretty quickly as a result.

“Hold my hands.” Sarah said in a much lower voice.


I clasped her hands a little embarrassed that mine were so sweaty. It was pretty hot up here with all the burning stuff but still… My hands were sweaty so it was gross. I hoped she wouldn’t notice.

Looking at her face I noticed she’d closed her eyes and was rocking back and forth. Was I supposed to rock too? Before I could decide one way or the other she sat up straight and her eyes snapped open.

I stopped myself from jumping back only by clenching my hands around hers. Her eyes were completely white. Like her eyeballs had rolled back in her head. It was the most disturbing thing I’d ever seen but I couldn’t look away.

“Is that bastard here?” she said.

“What?” I glanced around. Was she talking to me? “Ahhh, who?”

“I know he is. Where is he?”

The bag against my leg twitched again.

“Ahhh, he’s listening.” I said. Well with eyes like that she wouldn’t be able to see what he was right? So maybe I could get the damned cat to talk to her without setting off whatever magical thing it was that stopped him from talking when others were around. “Are you Mrs Fiker?” I asked just to clarify.


I kicked at the bag. The cat groaned.

Sarah tilted her head at the sound. “Ahhh there you are.” She said.

Without removing my hands from her grip I twisted sideways and kicked at the bag again. “Come out.” I hissed. “Talk to her… that’s why we’re here.”

Watching the floor out of the corner of my eye I saw him slink out from the bag.

“Doll? You able to hear me?” he asked. He twisted his head to peer up at me. I shrugged. I couldn’t tell if she’d heard or not.

We waited.



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