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Review: Perceptions – The Secret Watchers (Book Four) by Lauren Lynne

October 20, 2015

Perceptions: The Secret Watchers (Book Four) by Lauren Lynne


About the book

Marlo finds a missing watcher and now it’s up to Lucie and Owen to go undercover to pull her out, if she’s even still alive. They find themselves thrown into the world of human trafficking and are afraid they won’t make it out alive. Caged, drugged and confused, they lose sight of their mission. Then they must face the truth about darkness and light or is it all shades of gray? How will they save someone else if they can’t even save themselves? Sometimes you have to do truly horrible things for the greater good but then what does that make you? What do you become if you are just as malicious as the dark watcher you are supposed to be saving everyone from? White Eagle says that power is power, but Owen has absorbed dark watcher gifts. He can feel himself morphing and he’s pretty sure he’s nowhere near good anymore. What will two damaged watchers do now? Are you still good if you’ve been consumed by darkness? Owen will have to figure that out before it’s too late. He meets a mysterious stranger who has an interesting offer. Owen can’t decide if it’s worth the risk but it becomes more and more appealing as he is used again and again by both sides and now that he’s actually killed someone, who will save him?


My review

Having read the first three books of this series I thought I knew what to expect but Lauren once again blew my perceptions out of the water (see what I did there?)

Poor Owen, just when you think he is getting a handle on his powers, the world around him begs to differ. Forced to grow up way too soon when they are sent on an undercover mission to save a captured watcher Owen and Lucie’s experiences might be what finally tears them apart… This mission, which kicks the story into drive is full of tension and that tension just keeps ramping throughout the book.

Again family is at the forefront of this novel. To protect his family and the family he choses (Lucie and Marlo) Owen must fight against his instincts and take actions that will lead him down a dark path.

This book is much darker and explores Owen’s darker side through his experiences and actions. What is driving his anger? The bad guys are badder, the good guys are a little greyer… and there is a mysterious stranger who seems to be a little of both! And I’m worried for Alex… and what about Adrian! all of the secondary characters are given further depth in this story and I have to say I loved the wedding!

I am hanging out for book five (available soon) so I can find out what happens next… Thanks Lauren for a great read.


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  1. You are really good at writing reviews! This series sounds intriguing.

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