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This is my life now (Friday Fictioneers)

October 23, 2015



Oh god. She looked down the line again and swallowed hard. This was her life now and these travelers were who she would be stuck with for the next twenty-seven hours. They looked tired, sweaty and moody.

A bit like herself.

She had no choice. No job, no money and several mouths to feed meant she had to say yes.

She plonked down in her seat. Another glance back showed mutually desolate faces.

“Hurry up, we need to leave.” She said, lightly tapping the giant steering wheel in front of her. Bus Driver. This was her life now.


This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt

word count:


Question from Rochelle…

Now it’s your turn. What do you like about Friday Fictioneers? How do you feel the discipline helps you as a writer? What are your pet peeves, ie what don’t you like?

My answer:

The best part about Friday Fictioneers for me is the community – who are always so positive.

These prompts have also taught me to condense my writing to a single scene with a theme or emotion. I am always told I am too wordy… these prompts and the word limit have taught me to focus on what is important to the scene. And I have found, as I have just finished my third novel, that my scenes are getting tighter and more focused!

So thank you Rochelle and everyone who participates! this is a terrific prompt community. And a massive thank you to Kirsten who sent me this way in the first place!




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  1. I really like your take on this prompt. Very original. Didn’t even think about the bus driver being the main character.

  2. Dear Solo,

    I love it that you wrote about a bus driver, too. Good descriptions and you captured her feelings and the atmosphere in a hundred words. Well done.

    I can’t imagine having to hold that position in real life. I drive a small car and am uncomfortable with anything much larger.

    BTW I’m also on my third novel. I noticed early on what this discipline did for my larger pieces. Like you, it’s the community that kept me on board and made me beg to take the lead to keep it going. Thank you for being a part.



    • Thank you Rochelle! I don’t read any one else’s until I’ve written mine so it was a lovely surprise to see you had done a bus driver too! I love this community. Thank you for your time and patience!

  3. Such a surprise at the end there. I love a good twist.

  4. I liked the surprise, but it does make sense, not much difference between driver passenger really…

  5. gahlearner permalink

    I like this, it’s not the romantic, or sad, getaway on the bus, it’s the every day drudgery of the working woman.

  6. I’ve been poor but thank God no mouths to feed except my own at the time. Makes me feel how lucky I’ve been/am. Thanks!


  7. Dale permalink

    Ho hum of life and work. I’ve know bus drivers who adored their job and others, not so much. Sadly your driver falls in the latter category…

  8. Bus Driver… always on a trip… Never completely arriving? Don’t think I’d like the job???

  9. I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed becoming part of the Friday Fictioneer Community! You do a fabulous job on these prompts. You always have such great twists. I think your writing is getting tighter and tighter! Great job!

    • I think so to, writing in 100 words means you have to get to the point quickly. I’ve learnt so much about my writing ! It’s terrific! And the prompts are great too!

  10. Most of the stories this week focused on the passengers but I like your acknowledgement that being the bus driver for hours on end wouldn’t be so great either. Interesting POV.

  11. Twenty-seven hours! Oh, I thought my bus ride was long. Great take. I could feel the desperation. Congrats on finishing your third novel. I’m so impressed!

  12. You would think the Driver has more control on the journey ….Good ending! Congratulations on completing the third novel!

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