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The Story – Chapter 151

October 27, 2015

Sorry Kirsten!


Someone was crying. “Does that sound like a kid to you?” I asked Charlie. He looked at me blankly and shrugged. Okay, decision time. Do I go and check on the crying noise or keep walking. Since we were lost… I was sure… pretty sure I didn’t think it would help to keep walking. The crying was coming from off to my right. The instant I turned Charlie began complaining.

“Oh no, no, uh uh. No way… You cannot be intending to go after that sound. Lookit… it’s getting louder. This is not a good—”

I cut him off with a glare. And it seemed to work when he opened his mouth and closed it again without making any more sounds. We moved closed to the sound and I hated to admit it but Charlie was right, the crying was getting louder.

I pushed a few branches apart and stared in shock.

Charlie pushed me forward, “well what is…”

I glanced at him from the corner of my eye. In a whisper I asked, “Is that…?”


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  1. When I saw the “sorry Kirsten”, I started to freak out thinking that you were ending the story with this one!! I will NEVER complain about you leaving me hanging again!! Lol as long as the story doesn’t end I will be a happy camper 😀😀😀 you can leave me hanging any time you want!!

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