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The Story – Chapter 152

November 13, 2015

We were staring at a broken egg. A broken egg with half a baby dragon hanging out of it… or a lizard… maybe it was a dinosaur. There was a flick of something wet and flappy… no, no it WAS a dragon. And it was crying.

I looked over my shoulder at Charlie who was hovering close, extremely close, he was practically hanging off my back—you know, if a ghost could actually touch.

“What do we do?” he whispered into my ear.

“We can’t just leave it here.” I said.

“Ah, baby dragon? What are we supposed to do with a baby dragon? What will it feed on huh? Think about it. You’re the flesh and blood human here. It can’t eat me.”

“Then what’s your problem?” I snapped back at him. Gosh, Charlie was SO annoying. “Anyway, I know a dragon, so if we can get it to her then, well, hopefully she can do something. Come on.” I crept forward.

As soon as it caught sight of me its little head lifted. Tears glistened in its giant eyes. Oh my gosh. It was soooooo cute! Its damp scaly skin looked pinkish in the bright morning sunlight.

“Hi there.” I said is the softest voice I could manage.

It opened its mouth exposing one giant white tooth and wailed.

Oh dear.


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