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The Story – Chapter 153

November 23, 2015

I knew I was staring like a wombat caught in the headlights… “Ahhhh.”

“What. Do. We. DO?” Charlie’s whisper startled me out of my frozen state.

“We have to… um… Get it to Sarah,” I said. I eyed Charlie, he wouldn’t be of any help to carry the thing, his insubstantial hands waved about dramatically.

“Sarah? Who is Sarah?”

“Sarah is a dragon I know.”

“You know a dragon?” If a ghost’s eyes could widen his just did.

I wasn’t sure if Charlie was staring at me with awe or fear. I looked back at the baby. “Does it sound hungry to you?” I whispered? That’s when the baby fell silent. Our eyes locked. It knew we were here. It blinked large grey eyes at me. Well, now I had to do something. But to run? Or approach?

I walked around the bush I was hiding in. Charlie was a silent presence at my back.

The dragon baby remained quiet as I stepped closer. I knelt down a few feet away. The baby tilted its head. Gosh, it must have been about the size of a retriever puppy, only not as soft looking. “Hi,” I whispered. How on earth was I going to pick it up?

It let out a bark in reply and ducked its head. Okay… that was a good sign.


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