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Thank you – The Story

November 30, 2015

Hi Haileybury Girls and Mr O’Dwyer.

I wanted to send a big thank you your way for enjoying The Story and for working so hard on your 3D designs of my characters this year – I cannot WAIT to see them!

I am working hard on more chapters and hope I can post some images of what you have worked on soon.

Keep working hard and reading… especially reading!





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  1. Oh my gosh, I go away for a little while and you have found people to design your characters for you! I’m so flipping excited that I can’t stand it! I can’t wait to see what they’ve come up. How absolutely exciting for you, Laurie!!!!!

    • What’s even more exciting is that it is a school… and they are students (year 8 & 9) who wanted to design the characters! Ahhhhhhh soooo excited!

      • whoo hoo! That is absolutely fantastic. I knew that your story would inspire someone creative and it happened. Do you have a clue when you will see the first character. I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this. Your characters so deserve to come to “life” visually…since they are so alive in the written word!

      • According to their teacher they have the Troll done… So I am waiting on a pic. And they are working on the dragon and the Ogre.
        I am soooo stoked! It is wonderful of them. I love that they are enjoying the story!

      • And… Hahaha my dad is even getting in on the act… Drawing some of the characters! Oh I love my readers!

      • And your readers love your stories and your characters!!! Looking forward to seeing everything they come up with.

      • Oh they will love that too! 😍😍

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