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The Story – Artwork: The Troll

December 3, 2015

Oh my gosh! Check this out everyone.

Troll 2-2

The amazing Haileybury Girls have produced the 3D image posted here!

A design of my little troll from chapter 35 and 36

The girls used 3d modelling software and an inbuilt generic troll like figure as a starting point.  They then customized the figure (eyes, nose, ears, arms, chest, legs etc) and posed the figure as desired.

Isn’t it AMAZING!! Now I want to write more of my little troll! I wonder if he survived becoming Fred’s next meal? He might be still tied up in web. Hopefully Herman didn’t catch up to him!

I LOVE my readers! I hope I continue to inspire you all.

If you want to read the chapters again click here.

Chapter 35          Chapter 36

I want to send another big thank you to the girls and to Mr O’Dwyer.

I am working hard on more chapters..

Keep working hard and reading… especially reading!


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