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The night before (Friday Fictioneers)

December 11, 2015



Oh my god, what happened last night? Charlie cracked open one eye and immediately slammed it shut. Ahhhh the light, who turned on the damn light? Cracking the same eye open he realized it was the sun and groaned. What the hell happened last night? His mouth felt like a sock had died in it, his head pounded like a set of bongo drums and his hands trembled. After what could have been hours he pushed himself to his feet.

What was that?

A chicken suit? Jesus Christ! And that was just the bachelor party!

Hell, where was his brother?



This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt

Word count: 100

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  1. I assume he was the best man… and therefore culpable.:)

  2. Dear Solo,

    I cringed at the dead sock comment. That must’ve been some party.



  3. Hangover part 3? Vivid descriptions – haven’t heard of a “dead sock” before 🙂

  4. Good description of “the day after” a wild night.

  5. A chicken suit at a bachelor party? Uh oh! That can’t be good. I like the sock in the mouth and bongo drums description. 🙂 Great!

  6. I can’t wait for the wedding! 🙂 Hope for better attire.


  7. Whoa! Sounds like a night no one wants remembered – or reminded of.

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