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The Story – Chapter 155

January 7, 2016

Charlie had NOT been happy. But he had gone to look for Herman so that was something. All was quiet as I continued further into the woods and I realised I’d grown used to a certain level of noise. I began talking to the baby dragon just so that I could distract myself from the silence around me.

“I think you need a name. You look sort of like a pink puppy with those giant grey eyes of yours.” I thought about Sarah and the big red dragon who had stolen me from my friends so long ago. This baby looked different from them. Large ears flopped over the side of… his head? Her head? (I wasn’t game enough to check, I’m not sure I would know what to look for anyway). “I scratched behind one ear and the baby let out a soft growl. A wet tongue dropped out of its mouth. Awwwww. Adorable.

I think I was in love with the little critter. “I’m going to call you Spot.”

I couldn’t really tell, but Spot looked happy with his/her new name.

I wondered what baby dragons eat. “Are you hungry little Spot?”

Spot blinked and yawned. Well okay then. “You sleep for a bit. Hopefully we’ll find a water source soon.” Or Charlie would find Herman and he would have the pack with all the food still with him.

The sun was starting to sink in the sky as I told Spot all about my friend Sarah, the black dragon with the squeaky voice.

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