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My Story – Natalie

January 8, 2016

I tweeted a few days ago that I would love to read novelizations of Marvel stories. I am not really a comic book person (though I will read them!) I am a reader of books. I love books. The more the merrier.

And I realized that Black Widow is a story I would love to read. Since there is no movie telling her story (shame on you Marvel) I thought I would write the book I would love to read. This is the beginning.

And yes, at this point I am thoroughly entertaining myself. Have a read. What do you think? Should I continue?


My Story – Natalie

I don’t know what my name is—my birth name that is. It’s not essential to this story. For the time being feel free to think of me as Natalie. It’s as good a name as any. I’ve had others, many others. That’s not important here.

I want to tell you my story.

Not my origin story. They’ve all told you theirs. I want you to know my story.

I’m not going to tell you about endless dance recitals, unending training scenarios, and shooting practice and elocution lessons. What kind of story would that be? I wouldn’t read it, why should you?

You see, I’m not a hero. I have no business being on a team of heroes. I’m not special, enhanced or cursed. I’m not an experiment (though some might disagree). I’m not one of the good guys.

Not really.

I’m a normal human. I have no powers or magic, super strength or speed. I have none of that. I can fight though and I’ve been told by the adolescent man-children I work with that I am as scary as hell. I take that as a compliment—Well, how else is there to take something like that?

I want to tell you the story of me. I don’t really care if you think by listening that you will gain an understanding or insight into my character. If you leave thinking you know anything about me, I’ll know for a fact that you are delusional and egocentric. Telling you my story is not for you.

I’m telling it for me.

Do you still want to hear it?


Go to part 2


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  1. I would read it, no i really would. Natalie has now an opportunity to release a million adventures. Note to Author… *whispers* She has an attitude, don’t know if you spotted it?
    Crazy idea but that’s what draws a reader.😇

    • Yay, really? Thank you. As soon as I had the idea I just had to write it down… I have about three chapters so far! 😳
      Thanks Ellen for your kind words! It was super fun to write.

  2. Marvel really should tell her story in the movies!! I agree. My husband is a collector cf comic books and I asked him about her backstory. It is revealed somewhere in a series. I can ask him for details if you’re interested.

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