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The Story – Chapter 156

January 14, 2016

“What the hell is that?”

I swear I must have jumped at least a foot. Spinning around I caught sight of Herman’s scowl. Looking past the scowl I eyed the rest of him. Still in one piece. Still all muscly and ahem…

Where was I? “Hey.” I said to him even thought I had several questions ready to burst out of me.

Herman was glaring at Spot. “You’ll never get rid of it now,” he grunted.

I was aghast. Hissing, I tucked the sleeping Spot further under my pullover and glared. “I don’t want to “get rid” of him!”

“It’s bonded now. You’ll have to look after it.”

“Fine,” I snapped. I stepped back and looked Herman over again. “So… you had fun then fighting the monster or whatever it was?”

Herman simply grinned and I was glad I was not the recipient of that grin. It was kind of evil looking. OH wait… what about Charlie? “You didn’t happen to see… ahhh… something strange on your way back did you?”

“What do you mean? I haven’t seen anything for the last day and a half.”

Oh, so Charlie hadn’t found him then… Then where was Charlie? Oh no.


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