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Run! (Friday Fictioneers)

January 15, 2016



This was my favorite part. The path narrowed as it reached the steps. Overgrown and old, it was a little dangerous and you had to watch your footing.

Today I was running, not paying any attention. I could hear rapid footsteps behind me and I knew they were still following me. It sounded like they were getting closer, but I knew this path, they didn’t. This was my chance to lose them. And they wouldn’t know the steps led to the road.

I crossed the finish line a good five minutes before the rest! Family race champion! Woo!



This is a Friday Fictioneers Prompt

word count: 98


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  1. Good twist at the end there.

  2. Dear Solo

    Nice set up and twist at the end. I only hope she doesn’t twist her ankle.



  3. This seems to be the week of teasing the readers, which you did here very well. I certainly didn’t expect that ending. Great! 🙂

  4. Ha. families are the best and the worst

  5. Nice twist at the end, a good build up of suspense and thrill and then I thought what a cheater, but it was all just competitive family fun!

    • Ha ha yup, but when it involves family cheating is totally okay ! As long as you don’t get caught!

  6. LOL. Great twist ending.

    Great story. Come see mine here.

  7. A wonderful combination of fear and fun.

  8. Ha! A nice surprise at the end. I’m glad she wasn’t being chased!

    • What’s funny is I did initially think that way! Then I thought, I want a happy ending for a change!

  9. This made me smile when it turned from ominous to playful.

  10. I guess it’s okay to cheat when it’s good fun and your family. A great teaser!


  11. Dale permalink

    Ha ha! I, too, thought, what a cheater… then agreed that between family, cheating is way allowed!

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