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The Story – Chapter 158

February 19, 2016

Apparently Herman had a way to contact Sarah. Curious, I followed him to a clearing in the forest. How he found it I’ll never know… well, unless I asked… I mean, I was sure he’d tell me if I asked. The point was, I didn’t want to ask. Yes, fine. So I was hungry and therefore a little grumpy. Whatever.

Herman must have picked up on my mood because just as I was thinking how hungry I was a chocolate bar came flying at my head. My reflexes being what they were when it came to chocolate snatched the bar out of the air before it could hit me. I grunted my thanks and tore into it.

I’m sure Herman smiled, but I think he was trying to hide it from me.

Probably a good thing.

The baby dragon in my arms stared at the chocolate as I moved the bar around. It was kinda cute. It opened its mouth and keened at me. Nope… no way was I sharing. I loud blaring filled the air startling me. I nearly dropped the chocolate… yes okay… I came nowhere near dropping the chocolate. I whipped my heard around to stare, shocked, at Herman.

He was blowing into a horn.

Where the heck had he carried that? It was twice the size of my arm. I looked over Herman’s body (Not exactly a hardship that). Nope… no idea where he had pulled it from.

“What on earth…” I asked. Okay so Herman wasn’t from earth. Neither was I on earth currently (I think) but still I’m sure the comment translated because he just looked from me to the horn and back again.

“A horn.”



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