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White Fire (A Toni Delle Adventure) – About

March 1, 2016

White Fire (A Toni Delle Adventure) by Laurie Bell

For Toni Delle, trust isn’t just an issue, it’s nearly gotten her killed twice.

Cold of heart and not willing to trust anyone but herself and her inhuman teammates, Toni would have refused her new mission altogether if it wasn’t for the insane amount of money… Oh who was she kidding, danger, betrayal, secrets, lies these were all the things she loved about her job. She just didn’t expect HE would be involved. If she’d known that she would have told her boss to jump out of an airlock, in space, without a suit.

Agents and smugglers do not work together. Sure, she has trust issues, her partners – Mate, her canine robot partner and Zach, her attitude enabled shipboard Computer Intelligence Interface constantly tell her that – but as she told them, that was because of HIM.

So she takes the mission: Find and stop a new weapon being manufactured and smuggled into the hands of criminal elements all over the galaxy. And hey, while she’s at it, can she also find the missing weapons designer linked to these shipments? Ahhh, two problems; one she has to cancel the Game and she’s been looking forward to that all year and two, she’s has to rely on information provided by HIM. The one smuggler in the entire universe she can’t stand, and more importantly can’t trust.

How is Toni supposed to protect the Vice-President, find the smuggled weapons, rescue the scientist and prevent war all while dealing with her ex, his ex-girlfriend and remain on the lookout for the worst tie in the universe to gag gift her boss?


It turns out the smuggler is not the only one who has betrayed her.

WHITE FIRE is a 95,000 word Sci-fi space opera written for fans of Timothy Zahn, Chuck Wendig, Guardians of the Galaxy and Dark Matter.


© solothefirst & ©Laurie Bell All Rights to the works and publications on this blog are owned and copyrighted by Solothefirst (Laurie Bell). The Owner of this site reserves all permissions for access and use of all documents on this site.


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  1. Love it!! I’m looking forward to this getting picked up by a publisher!!

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