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The Butterfly Stone – About

March 2, 2016

Fourteen-year-old Tracey Masters is a Mage-kind in a mostly non-magic school, in a mostly non-magic town. To earn money, she works for her uncle, a bungling private investigator who has no idea Tracey’s magic helps him to get the job done.

Then one day, an elegant woman steps into their office, seeking help to find her missing necklace. A necklace, Tracey discovers, that is intimately connected with Tracey’s own family.

Chasing down clues with her friends, she at last uncovers the necklace but finding it is only the start of her problems. Secrets from Tracey’s family’s past get revealed one by one, putting her friends in danger, and her family in jeopardy. To keep everyone safe, Tracey must find the butterfly-stone necklace before the shadowman does. If she fails, her friends, her family, her very world, will be changed forever. The magic contained within the stone is powerful, too powerful for Tracey to control. Too save her sister from the shadowman’s clutches Tracey must use the necklace to augment her power. If she succeeds the power contained within the butterfly stone will consume her mind but if she fails her sister will die.


Read a little taste of The Butterfly Stone here



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  1. Very interesting.

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