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Missing Time

March 4, 2016

This is a little prompt from my great twitter pal Lauren. Thanks Lauren


Missing Time

It was a while before I missed it.

But when I did… I couldn’t not think about it. Where had I left it? Where could it have gone?

I rubbed my fingers over my bare wrist. The Time Watch was gone.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, isn’t Time Watch redundant? A watch tells time doesn’t it, why describe it as both. Well you see, this is a very different watch. A Time Watch controls time you see.

Very unique. I have the only one made which is why I felt it’s lose so acutely.

How would I get home?

Around me time seemed to slow down. Everyone on the train seemed so very oblivious to my horror. I needed to get back, to find it, to have it wrapped safely around my wrist.

The day dragged. Time itself slowed until I could feel its steps it in my very heart beat. Thump thump, thump thump.

At last

At long last I arrived home and there it was, sitting on the bench – forgotten and alone.

When it touched my skin I once again felt whole. Thank goodness.


… That’s when I noticed…


The watch had stopped. Time was frozen at 6am.

Oh no…



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  1. Now that was a twist…

  2. A beautiful read

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