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The Story – Chapter 160

March 17, 2016

Sarah took the Spot, the baby dragon under her wing. Literally, she tucked him into a harness somewhere under her right wing. I had no idea she even had a harness under there. I guess I didn’t really look at her that much. Well… I figure it’s rude to stare right? As she took off into the sky I felt a wave of sadness flood through me. It had been nice cuddling him.

Right, onto business. Time to trap a witch.

Herman and I looked at the forest path we would take. “Come on,” he said and started running.

I stared after him.

“Running? When did we decide on running? I don’t run.” There was no one around to hear me complain. Augh!

I took a step forward. I dropped my head to my chest and sighed loudly. I looked up. No one in sight.

At least no one would see me.

I started to run.

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