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The Story – About

April 5, 2016

I realised the other day that I don’t have an “about” post for my kids book multi-media experience… I was explaining it to some friends and thought… oh, where’s my about page…. well here it is.

Laurie The Story Book Cover 6-5-16

The Story – ABOUT

Bella is a young girl who is swept to a mystical land full of fantastic, mythological beasts through a magical mirror given to her by her grandmother. Bella is given a series of missions to complete by the King of the Fairies. She chooses a team of diverse and unusual people/creatures (a Troll Hunter, a giant spider, a dragon, a fairy soldier and a mermaid) to assist her on her missions. She must overcome trolls, ogres, giants, spiders, bad fairies, a witch and more in order to complete her missions.

This is an ongoing and never-ending story made up of short chapters as a series of scenes (or episodes) as semi-regular blog posts.

I encourage anyone and everyone to get involved. I would love for readers and fans to send me artwork, cover designs, comic designs, videos, animation, 3D characters, story ideas, POV shifts, different ending and anything else you can think of to get involved. I especially would love for children or young readers to get involved. The Story is a community… all are welcome.


To start reading – GO to Chapter ONE

You can contact the author at:

In the comment section here or on Facebook or Twitter. I love to hear from my readers!


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