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The Gift (Friday Fictioneers)

April 8, 2016


The fire had been years ago. There was one room, a small one, tucked away out the back that was still structurally sound. That was where I hid, on the day of the fire. That is where I hide now, day after day, year after year. My sanctuary.

I survived because of the power I had been gifted on that same fateful day. Which is why I can’t leave. This is my home. This was hers.

I hold my hand up to the dying sun. In a blink my hand becomes a living flame. Superpowers are not always a gift.



This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt

word count: 100

  1. Learning to control and channel one’s superpower is no easy feat…It’s like writing πŸ™‚ Nicely done.

  2. Indeed. Be careful what you wish for. Good piece.

  3. Super powers, something to be reckoned with! Good take on the prompt

  4. A blessing… but mostly a curse it sounds like.

  5. gahlearner permalink

    Unique take on the prompt, I love it. I wonder how long it takes until someone discovers her and tries to take advantage.

    • Yes! Exactly…. She needs to stay hidden but that sort of thing will always get found out. Thank you!

  6. Fantastic story, sort of like the grown-up answer to Elsa in “Frozen” (sorry, I cringe to mention the movie, but I did enjoy it when I saw it with my daughter a couple of years ago).

    • Don’t be sorry, I love that movie πŸ˜€ and thank you!

      • Yay! You’re welcome! I was worried that you might look down on it, as so many people seem to. I was inclined to do the same BEFORE I saw it, but loved after I watched when I was watching it with my daughter. It’s a real fairy tale, with a real underlying message.

      • Gosh I know…. So many people are grumpy about it but I loved it… I’m such a sap… Makes me want to call my sister every time I see it. We talk. Just not as often as I’d like! So thank you for the compliment.

  7. I was going to write about my super power but not ready to disclose – yet. I love your take, the feel of it. Wish I could be more clear but I’m sleep deprived, not articulate but I can feel the story.


    • Thanks Lily, but hey, lack of sleep can lead to interesting novel ideas… Write everything down, read it back when your more awake πŸ˜€ would love to hear about your superpower !

  8. Cool, Laurie. This is like an origin story and presents such a conflict for your character because she can’t leave. This could go places. Great story.

  9. Dear Lauri,

    I agree with Amy. You set the tone very well and the feeling of desolation is tangible. Well done.



  10. Reblogged this on J. Kleist-Corwin and commented:
    Are you staring at a blank screen with no writing ideas? Here is a prompt from Laurie Bell. Every Friday she inspires us. I especially like this one. Go for it.

    • Thank you!! πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ please everyone join in the fun. Technically it is through Rochelle Wisoff-fields follow my link and get to know her, she is the mother of Friday Fictioners! All are welcome to join in πŸ˜ƒ

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