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Destiny (Friday Fictioneers)

April 15, 2016


There was a pause as the book was opened. At last…after the long months of searching, fighting and sleepless nights we had found it. The Book.

I eyed my companions as the first page was turned. Their faces alight with joy. In moments I knew those expressions would turn. I waited.

Tom was the first to break. “What the hell is this?”

I allowed my gaze to drop to the page. The incomprehensible text glared up at us all.

“You wanted the book. You have the book.” I told him. “You never said you wanted to READ it.”


word count:98

This is a Friday Fictioneers Prompt. To learn all about the amazing world and incredibly supportive community of the Friday Fictioneers please click on the link here.

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  1. A great evocation of the problem of having answers to which we don’t yet know the question. You did give the ending away a bit by telling us they were going to be angry

    • This is true, it’s not really a twist but in a way that’s the point… She knows it’s coming… And their reactions are expected.
      Thank you for your fabulous comments Neil.
      Cheers – Laurie

    • Upon your good advice I dropped the word “anger” thanks Neil

  2. Dear Laurie,

    I love the ending line. You made me laugh out loud. Good one.



  3. It pays to be precise when wanting something. LOL. Great story.

  4. The need to be explicit is paramount, especially in times of great trial. Nice one.

  5. IfeomaO permalink

    I really loved the ending. Killed it..hilariously 🙂

  6. You must be explicit in what you ask. These amateurs, asking careless wishes.

  7. I can sometimes be hyper-literal too so I could relate to this one. Funny story!

  8. Mike permalink

    Smile, smile and smile again.

  9. Dale permalink

    Clarity… how often we misunderstand… 😉 Fun read!

  10. Maybe it’s best if he doesn’t read this one, right? You never know what you’re getting into with such a book. Fun take, Laurie.

  11. HA! Taught them. Great story.

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