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Review: Destiny: The Secret Watchers Book Five by Lauren Lynne

April 15, 2016

Review: Destiny: The Secret Watchers Book Five by Lauren Lynne

About the book
One extraordinary teen with the memories of two other watchers, one dark and one light, crammed in his head. Owen knows that he must be the one to face the greatest evil ever known; it is his destiny, but nothing is going right. His team is losing faith in him but perhaps worst of all, he is losing it in himself. Owen had always found a way to work with Miles Malone, whose gifts and memories were bequeathed to him four years ago through an enchanted watch that had belonged to the man. Now Owen has had dark watcher powers thrust upon him. Does he have the strength to balance the darkness and light? The Traveler hints that he must do just that if he hopes to win but Owen fears that he is losing his mind and he’s pretty sure his soul will never recover.
Owen’s worst problems don’t lie within. Bob has decided that he is just as dangerous as Madame Evilia Malvada and the best way to rid the world of all watchers is to pit the forces of good and evil against each other. Team Owen is growing stronger and more capable but with threats to his family, an attack on his youngest brother and finally the loss of Marlo, how can he hope to lead them or should he go it alone?
Each choice that Owen makes seems to have consequences broader than anyone could imagine, except for the mysterious Quartet, who know way more than they are willing to share. He learns a hard lesson – you can both hate and admire someone at the same time. He had felt like a pawn in the past but now he knows the truth; he has been used by both sides and the ones pulling his strings are not the ones he thought.


My Review
A terrific conclusion and satisfying final chapter to The Secret Watchers series.
Owen must use all of his experience and training to fight the demons in his own head as well as the baddies in his waking life who threaten his friends, family and way of life. Owen has gone through and suffered a great deal over the course of this series. And now – the final year of school seems to come at the worst time for Owen when he must fight the final battle between the light and dark watchers… But where does he fall now? Is he light or dark? All of his strength is required to fight battles on all fronts. Fortunately Owen has his friends and family to help him.
I have followed Owen, Lucie, Marlo and the large cast of supporting characters through all five books. Lauren has a wonderful way of building her characters so that the loss of even one is felt immensely. This is a terrific fantasy world she has built. Given the great breadth of characters I hope to see more of this world soon.
If you want a good YA series to read or want to encourage your children to read – The Secret Watchers is a great series.
I was so sad to reach the final page.



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