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The Story – Chapter 161

April 15, 2016

I ran about thirty feet before I gave it up for a lost cause. Herman had well and truly outdistanced me and disappeared. Sarah and the baby dragon were gone, a vanished speck of darkness against the blue sky. I stopped and panted, clutching at my chest. Yup – I was not a runner.

Would Herman come back for me or just wait in the distance?

“Found you.”

I spun around in surprise. “Charlie? Where have you been?” The ghostly figure hovered a few inches off the ground. He looked like he was panting. I was pretty sure ghosts don’t breathe so was he copying me or… what? “What are you doing?” I demanded.

“What? Why you yelling at me? Here I am, after spending several long, long hours in the forest looking for you and I finally find you and you start yelling? That’s just rude and I am offended.”

“Why are you panting?” I asked slowly. I was not going to get into a discussion about his attitude.

“I have been running around trying to find you,” he said looking at me as if I was stupid.

I’m not stupid, As far as I know. “You’re a ghost.” I pointed out.

Now he was definitely looking at me as though I was stupid. “I know.”

“You… you know what, never mind. I’m glad you’re here. Herman also found me. And now we’re going after the witch to break the curse.”

Charlie peered around, widening his eyes dramatically. “Herman?”

“You know, my friend, the one I was telling you about. The one you went to look for?”

“He’s here?” Charlie looked around again spinning in circles. He looked back at me suspiciously. “Is he an imaginary friend? Did you send me to look for your imaginary friend?” Charlie gasped.

I thunked my hand into my forehead.


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