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Misunderstanding (Friday Fictioneers)

April 22, 2016


I could see the wire from my little window.

These people, these locals didn’t understand. It didn’t make sense. I’d left my ship with my hands up, no weapon in sight and had been thrown in here for my trouble. Anyone would think they’d never seen a spaceship or a Terllion before. I was not the best looking of my race but come on, I was not that bad either. I didn’t look like a Balix for crying out loud!

I peered out again and sighed. Hopefully they would see reason soon and wouldn’t keep me here for long.


Word count: 99


This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt. To learn more about this wonderful world of writers please have a read of the attached link

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From → Prompt

  1. Great fun. I was tempted to quirtle

  2. Dale permalink

    Poor thing… just because you look a little different, you get locked up… Hopefully they can be reasoned with!
    Fun stuff, Laurie!

  3. Can’t trust those darn locals! I hope they let the Terllion go. Good story.

  4. Humans are always suspicious of humans even a little bit different from them. Good story. I liked the voice of the alien.

  5. Mike permalink

    Well I am glad he’s not a Belix. A good take on the prompt

  6. It’s all about the looks isn’t it…? I wonder if it was snout, or his pleated back-hair that looked strange… Or it might have been when Terlion licked his third eye-brow.

    • Lol… You’ve met one? That’s crazy, we shall have to compare stories. I hear she didn’t hang about when she got out tho. 😆

  7. Just wait and see what they do to a Balix, then you’ll be glad… hehe, this is a great take. Always lock up first, ask questions later. You don’t see Terllions every day.

  8. Very very very cute! D

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