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Antipodean SF and ME!!

June 1, 2016

Well today is an exciting day. I have a short story  published in… edition 215 see the below link


If you want to read the current Antipodean SF E-Zine

Go and have a read or even listen!!

The podcast of the radio show is up… I appear reading my story is you want to listen to Firelight

Laurie (aka)

  1. I liked this one too. Congrats on being published. Again, no pun intended, I liked the last line, or word.

    • Thank you!!!! 😀 i am still super stoked about it

      • I love writing (and reading) first-person, and you do it well. To create a ‘real’ person in few words is not easy. These sci-fi stories beg a follow-up.

        Have you ever tried second-person? Difficult, I haven’t done that in some time, I’ll have to do the next FF that way. I haven’t been writing much on my blog lately, as I’ve been writing on a different type of blog.

      • Thank you Ted… i actually mostly write in 3rd person. 😀 my novels anyway. But i agree first is better for short pieces. Hmmmm. Never tried 2nd. Always felt that was super hard and I’m too lazy

      • What is your link to the other blog if you dont mind me asking. Id love to read more 😀

      • Here is a story I wrote in 2nd. I couldn’t find the one I wanted but did find this one. Can you guess what movie I had just seen that inspired this story?

        The other blog is a sex blog and I don’t know you well enough to share that one. I must protect the innocent.

      • Lol well goodness ! 😨

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