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Scaredy Cat (Friday fictioneers)

June 3, 2016


“That’s the witch’s house!”

“No it’s not, don’t be silly!” Matty shot his little sister the darkest glare he could manage.

She didn’t look scared by it at all. “Come on, let’s go closer.”

“No, Belinda, don’t”

“Scaredy cat.” She whispered and took off toward the house.

He wasn’t scared. Not really. But he wasn’t going any closer.

When nothing happened to Belinda as she peered into the broken windows he crept up to her side. “What can you see?”

“Nothing.” She grumbled. She was too short. Matty could just poke his eyes over the sill.


“Good morning children.”


This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt

Word count:99



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  1. I like how you ended it in a suspense. Nice!

    • Thank you! I wonder if she’s a good one or a bad one? Ha I had fun playing with the idea then thought why not leave it open

  2. Oh dear, hope it’s a nice neighborhood witch.

  3. Oh I could feel their hearts skip a beat or two – lovely.

  4. gahlearner permalink

    Hahaa, that was great. Great planning failed on a tiny detail. I love it.

  5. jellico84 permalink

    BOO! Hahah, loved it!

  6. ahhhhhh! sounds like the witch from Hansel and Gretel may be abrewin` some new kiddie stew!

  7. Cute story, Laurie.
    You left me wondering if it was really a witch or someone having a good time with the kids.
    Well done.



  8. Catchy dialogue and a great ending. I hope the kids come out of this in one piece – and not in the pot. Very good.

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