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So silly (Friday Fictioneers)

June 9, 2016


Jenny loved her dad, really she did, but every now and then she thought… why me?

Her friends had dads who were sensible, or at work or “busy.”

Several of her friends didn’t have dads, which was sad but some of them had two which was awesome.

Jenny peeked up through the cushions she was hiding under. Yup still there. She sighed, though it came out as more of a giggle. “Dad!”


“Dad, it’s a diving helmet!”

“But I’m a bear inside a diving helmet. Bears might like walking along the bottom of the sea,” he said.

“Sure, dad.”


Word count: 100

This is a Friday Fictioneers Prompt

To be fair, my brother would do this with his daughter… this was not a stretch for me!


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  1. Aww, that was cute! 🙂

  2. This is fun and very cute. And I bet there’ll come a day when she really appreciates her dad’s imagination (hopefully).

  3. Dear Laurie,

    I’ll bet he was a riot at all of her birthday parties. 😉 Cute story.



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