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The Story – Chapter 165

July 7, 2016

I crept along the dirt path, stepping lightly and watching in every direction I could at the one time. Somewhere up ahead there was that cave. I could feel my hands shaking, my breath stuttered. Why me? Why did it have to be me? Herman had been persuasive. Well, would’ve had to be because there was no way I was stupid enough to come back here. Yeah…

He claimed he was stronger and faster. He would need the element of surprise. Me? Well apparently I was bait.

I still think it could have been Charlie.

Given the speed and volume at which he talked, well, I thought it was a no brainer.

Apparently Herman had a plan for him too.

I almost laughed at the look on his face when Herman had said that. I didn’t think a ghost could get any paler. I was wrong.


I stared at my foot in horror and at the stick I’d snapped in half.

I heard a cackle start in the forest around me. It grew louder. Branches started to shudder. A howl of wind spun around me, gathering up my hair and throwing it back in my face. I was nearly blown off my feet. And then, it all stopped.

Oh oh.


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