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Keep your phone charged (Friday Fictioneers)

July 28, 2016



The floods came fast. No one was prepared for their ferocity and speed.

I lived an hour from the coast. I thought we’d be safe.

I was so very wrong.

So were many people.

I haven’t heard from Charlie. My phone was working but the battery was running low. Conservation was the key. I wrapped Steffy in her binky and cuddled her close, the swaying of our raft had rocked her to sleep. It was a small mercy.

A light above us was our salvation. I waved my phone, risked it’s battery on the flashlight app.

“I’ve got you ma’am.”


This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt

Word Count:100


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  1. That’s a fully rounded story in 100 words. Great stuff

  2. Perfect title. Communication is the key. Great setting of the scene, with a serious theme. I almost felt the rocking of the raft.

    • Thank you! I hate the idea of being helpless… and then to have someone more helpless rely on you in that situation is terrifying

  3. Nicely done. And a reminder – I’m always forgetting to put the thing on charge.

  4. Dear Laurie,

    You had me in the boat with her. Well done.



  5. 4 incredibly welcome words at the end. Powerful story.

  6. The floods came fast. No one was prepared for their ferocity and speed. This is so true of disaster. But she really pulled off being the smart one. Well done

    (I lived an hour away the coast – I think you mean I lived an hour away from the coast.)

  7. A beautifully put together story, and a great idea. I’m glad rescue came and she had enough power to signal.

  8. Great positive story.

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