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The Story – Chapter 166

July 31, 2016

All was quiet. I waited knowing the witch was probably out there watching me.

The cackle was gone. The wind was gone. Silence surrounded me and that was worse than being confronted by the witch. That was when I noticed it.

Herman was gone and Charlie had disappeared.

I was alone.

No… Not entirely alone. In the silence I heard a song—the musical tweeting and calling of several birds. But where were they?

Above my head was a strange looking branch bare of any leaves to obscure the feathered features staring down at me.

Four birds… but not just any birds, four birds you would never see together. Four birds who should not get along. Four birds that sat side by side and appeared to be talking to each other. The one on the end was a large Owl. Big eyes blinked slowly. Beside it was a Nightingale, fluttering her wings and beside that was a Robin. She bobbed her head several times. Last on the branch was a Dove. They were beautiful and they sounded truly happy.

I was terrified.

The Nightingale hopped onto a lower branch. “Come with us.”

“We’ll help you,” Dove said.

…A pack of oddly friendly birds were talking to me.

“What about the witch?” I asked.

“We have a secret,” Robin offered.

“Come.” Owl swooped low over my head and down a dirt path hidden from the main path by several large branches. I looked around. Should I follow? I shrugged. Why not?



Good luck girls!! – Solothefirst

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