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The Story – Chapter 167

August 11, 2016

After what felt like ages but was probably only minutes I held up my hand and called “Stop!”

“What is it?” Owl asked swooping back over my head to land in a low hanging branch of the tree behind me.

“How far are we going?” I panted.

“Not very fit are you?” Chirped Dove.

I glared.

Clearly, it was not very effective when Robin landed at my feet and hopped closer to tap her beak on my shoe. “Come on.”

“We’ll never get there in time.” Nightingale grumbled coming in to land next to Owl.

I didn’t move. “I have a mission.” I grumbled. “I’m supposed to be helping someone deal with a witch.

The four birds looked at one another.

“Fine. We’ll come back later.” Owl said and launched into the air. “We have a competition to get to.” The three smaller birds took off after Owl.

“We’ll tell you all about it!” Robin called.

“What competition?” I asked. But they were already gone.

Well, how do you like that? First they ask me to come with them then they leave me behind. I looked around, where was the trail? I spun in a circle.


I spun around again. But all I could see were dark trees and bushes.

Oh oh.



H-Girls!! you were amazing! I am so proud of you all.

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