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Amazing (Friday Fictioneers)

August 25, 2016


The photo was old with tired and bent edges. It meant something to her but I couldn’t figure out why.

I wished I could ask her.

Always a dollar short and a day late. I watched the crowd from my chair as they milled about chatting to each other over finger sandwiches and scones. I wasn’t in the mood to talk. I couldn’t look away from the photo of the boat in the tarnished frame.

“You know she used to sail?”

“What?” I looked up. The old man shuffled closer. Watery red eyes softened. “She was amazing your Nan.”


This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt

word count: 99



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  1. How true it is – we never know what it is we need to know about people, until it’s too late to find out. Nicely captured.

    • Thanks Sandra! I know. My grandparents are still all going strong and i love them… but i probably dont ask about their lives like i should

  2. if the photo was in a frame, we would likely not be able to see the tired, bent edges unless it were taken out of the frame. well done.

    • Sure can, it’s a bigger frame so the edges can clearly be seen 😀 enough that you cannot help but stare. With photos You can see the creases of the folds… I only had 100 words to play with though so could get into the detail. 😃 thanks for reading

  3. Sweet story. 🙂

  4. There are so many questions that I now wish that I had asked my parents.
    Nice glimpse into this family.

  5. Ah.. before the end I almost started to think about the book Rebecca… she used to sail too… love how you tied it together in the end

  6. Dear Laurie,

    Such a poignant tale. There are so many things I wish I knew about my grandparents. Well done.



    • Thank you Rochelle. Grandparents are there when we are little in some cases and we take it for granted… But they have such histories too… And we never think to ask them. Thanks for reading

  7. gahlearner permalink

    The narrator is lucky to have the old man who can tell stories about Nan. Great story, I know so little about my own grandparents.

  8. Beautifully sad.
    If that makes sense.

  9. You get to be the one whose blog I look through this week. I liked reading this story, the last line gave me a chill. Well done, Laurie.

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