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DYI (Friday Fictioneers)

September 15, 2016




There was a crash, and a splintering sound.

A moment of silence.

…And then a snort.

“Are you both okay in there?” Mum called.

“Ahhhhhhhhh, yup,” I answered.

I was. The plaster feature however had not survived as well.

Mum poked her head through the open doorway. She stared at the mess. “Whose idea was it to self-renovate again?”

“… well.” I didn’t have an answer.

James was still sitting in the corner where he’d fallen.

“You good?”

“Yeah,” he climbed to his feet and stood beside me surveying the damage. “Best thing for it.”


“Your mother bought it.”


This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt

word count: 99


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  1. Dear Laurie,

    Ah the DYI home projects. My husband and I remodeled a bathroom together without killing each other. A worthy feat I’d say. Good story.



  2. I love this, so realistic. The SO and I have been renovating this or that for years. It either tears people apart or knits them closer: shared misery. I don’t miss the days of concrete dust in every nook and cranny, clothes, hair, skin… 🙂

  3. What a take!
    Hehehe. Wonder how he blustered thro’ it!

  4. You and I went the same route this time. Remodels don’t often turn out the way we think they should.

  5. Oh no. That’s DIY for you. Best to avoid it and pay a professional. Sounds like the plaster feature won’t be missed, however. Great story, Laurie.

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