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The Story – Chapter 168

September 30, 2016

SO I was alone again.

I sat down in the middle of the dirt path. I needed to think.

First of all, talking birds? But putting that to the side, I thought about what else I should be doing. Me. Just, little me. Herman was waiting (I think, then again knowing Herman, he was probably neck deep in some battle taking care of business all on his own.) And part of me wished he was, because then I wouldn’t have to help him. I was tired. So very tired.

Everyone wanted ME to do stuff. I just wanted to NOT. Back home, I would have the TV or a phone that I could play on. I wouldn’t have to do anything except go to school. No one would be relying on me to save them or fight someone or hike across the world for them…

I traced my fingers in the dirt. Drawing patterns. In my head I wondered if I should go home. Looking forward, the forest was a twisting path. Overhanging trees cast dark shadows. It looked creepy and cold and my skin crawled.

Over my shoulder was bright sunlight. If I walked back that way, I would be heading away from all the scary witches and dragons, trolls and…

Oh who was I kidding.

I’d made a promise.

I climbed to my feet and dusted off the dirt.

I walked forward until I stepped into darkness. I was an idiot. But I kept walking.


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