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The Story – The Video of the STEM/ICT/ADOBE project

October 19, 2016

Oh my gosh!

I cannot tell you how proud I am of these girls…

Some of you might know that my episodic story – coincidently named “The Story” was used by the incredibly creative girls from Haileybury College in Melbourne Australia as a part of a STEM/ICT project. They then entered their project into the Young ICT Explorers Competition

AND THEY CAME SECOND in the state!!

And here it the video of their Adobe/STEM journey!!


Please watch it… I am sooo sooo sooo proud of these girls!!

and how good is that project huh?

not a bad little story too…

if you want to read about the story… Click



comments very welcome 🙂

Solothefirst (Laurie)


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  1. Wow, how cool is that!!! The girls are so articulate and excited by their brilliant work on your brilliant story – they and you should be very, very proud!! 🙂 🙂

    • I know! I grin madly every time I watch it! They are amazing and sooooo talented. Very happy. 😀😍

  2. This was spectacular, Laurie. How did the girls find you?

    • My partner actually works at the school. I gave him my story for the tech group because of the dragon and warrior fairies and they loved it. Thee girls are soooo amazing.

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