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Ahhh the Serenity (Friday Fictioneers)

December 1, 2016


The campsite looks peaceful. Well it would – there’s no one around for miles. My whole purpose is to get away from every one and anything that annoys me. The Doctor told me, under no uncertain terms, I need to relax. But with the trains, cell phones, people… There is no escape.

So here I am.

Surrounded by silence.

Bliss. My cell phone has no bars. No one knows I’m here. I’ve enough food for a week. It’s just me and nature.

And then I hear it.

Another car, with music blaring and voices squealing.

Gaddamnit! I feel my pulse skyrocket.


This is a Friday Fictioneers Prompt

word count: 100


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  1. I know the feeling. Why is it people need to make noise to convince themselves they’re having fun?

  2. Dear Laurie,

    This is why I get up at one someone referred to as ‘numpty o’clock.’ A few hours of silence in any case. I could feel her pulse race at the end. Well done.



  3. Haha! Isn’t that just life?? Nice piece.

  4. anand permalink

    Hahaa … Nicely written ..

  5. I know places where this won’t happen… alas you can only get there on feet… 🙂

  6. I love the folks who walk on the beach by the Gulf listening to God knows what on their iPhone. Thanks heavens I can’t hear them.

  7. Excellent take. I know how this person feels. There does seem to be no way to escape modern life sometimes! Well done.

  8. Isn’t that too often the case? Ugh…

  9. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover permalink

    I was with you on the journey to that peaceful place until the jarring end. I always hated it when people had to blast music at a camp ground.

  10. This reminds me of a very bad night in a campsite in Oregon. My husband and I were eating by candlelight, tent set up, crickets chirping when the biggest R.V. in the world (just a slight exaggeration) broke down about five feet away from our campsite. Two hours later I was ready to spontaneously combust.

    • Nooooooo!! Oh how frustrating. Im sorry to hear that. I hope you to found a better place or more peace next time?

  11. Yes, we did. Usually, we find great and peaceful places. I love how your story caught the angst of a bad camping trip.

  12. Dear Laurie,

    This is why R.A. Heinlein always said, ‘Plenty of elbow room is better.” Time to fold the tent and head out for greener pastures. Great tale.



  13. Oh no! I feel for him/her 🙂

    • Thanks Dahlia! You know that deep, stomach churning, jaw tightening anger? I think further away would be better.

  14. I feel the narrator’s pain.

  15. oh that is frustrating! hee hee

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