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Breathe in (Friday Fictioneers)

February 2, 2017


Watering the dying flowers seems like a waste of time. Standing here, at the window, I look out on a sigh. I’m not sure why I bother.

Another day dawns and in moments I will out there again, repeating the same motions over and over to no end and no avail. I breathe out and glance once more through the dirty glass.

Breathe in, breathe out.

I grab my bag. A flash of green catches my eye. Damn. Don’t forget the manuscript. I’m editing on the train again.

I stuff it in my bag and race out into the dawn.


word count: 100

This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt

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  1. That’s so bleak Laurie I could hardly bear it

  2. There ought to be more to this person’s life than this. I could feel depression creeping in.

  3. Summed up a lot of life we all go through, repeating the same tasks over and over with little reward. Dark indeed. Well done.

    • Thank you Iain. I honestly didn’t mean to make it that dark. I guess that is just the way a lot of us are feeling at the moment

  4. Dale permalink

    Oh man… this person’s life is beyond depressing. Time to find something to jack him/her up!

  5. Dear Laurie,

    There are days like that. Gray, bleak and well written.



  6. Yes. Don’t forget the manuscript for heavens’ sake. A writer is out there needing the same misery.

  7. She clearly leads a humdrum life. Many do…sadly

    My story is called Stardust

  8. Yikes! This poor woman needs a little spark in her life! Well depicted tale.

  9. This is February bleakness if there ever was anything

  10. Everyday life for most of us is tedious and mundane at the best, depressing and bleak when worse, you captured the sense of it all brilliantly

    • Thank you Michael. I agree the daily grind is hard and wears on us all. But we keep on keeping on don’t we?

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